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RCD goes "Publica"

Ready to give RCD a Try?

I wrote the first drafts of the RCD procedure on a Ramada Inn note pad while on vacation in San Diego with my wife Barbara and our children in 2004.  Over the years I have worked on it as diligently as possible.  However, due to some extraordinary and chronic circumstances, I have only been able to conduct one "Test Flight" of RCD on April 30, 2018.  It was really more of a workshop of the idea.  We went in and out of the formal RCD Procedure so that I could gather comments and feedback from the participants during the session.  As a result, I do not have any video examples of a full RCD session. I fully expected to conduct several complete RCD sessions over the past year.  My intention was to have several sessions available to show as a proof of concept.  That proved, to my great frustration, to again be impossible for me. 

So, while I will still 'press on' with arranging and recording official RCD sessions as I am able, I have decided to publish the entire RCD Procedure here on the RCD website.  It is my hope that others interested in furthering civil discourse and human understanding will give it a try.  It is really a very simple procedure, but, I believe it is a completely unique tool for furthering both our individual understanding of that which is important to us as well as amassing an interactive metadatabase (I hope I am using that term correctly, I am not a data scientist by any stretch of the imagination) of collective human understanding.  I refer to that metadatabase of human understanding as the Gnosome.

So let's start building the Gnosome! Unlike an individual person's genome, the Gnosome will never be fully realized until the last human contributes to it.  May that day never come. 

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