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Unique Benefits of RCD

RCD can be used by both the novice and the expert. It yields exceptional and unique benefits. 

It endows experts with the joy of engaging with the best arguments a peer has to offer. 

RCD empowers the novice to learn with minimal distraction and fear.

No energy is wasted in the wearisome exercise of tearing down each other’s starting assumptions. 


RCD reduces or eliminates ‘talking past each other’ during the discourse. 


RCD reduces or eliminates focus on ‘who is right and who is wrong?’ from the discourse.

RCD reduces or eliminates facts from being 'taken out of context'.

RCD participants verify whether or not they feel that they have been understood.

Participants are free to learn without fear of being misunderstood or of hurting someone's feelings.

With participants' consent, there is an authenticated record of the entire discourse obtained, cataloged, and certified by a neutral and respected third party.

Participants are contributing to a growing metadatabase of human understanding (Gnosome).

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