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I love exploring podcasts, talk radio stations, articles, and videos of all viewpoints. I have always enjoyed seeking opportunities to question my beliefs and further educate myself. However, I have noticed that people are usually focused on competitive debate rather than the fluid passing of information. While healthy competition and debate are noble and serve us well, I see another wonderful opportunity awaiting our exploration. Modern society is facing such drastic division and unprecedented access to information that we need new tools to help us achieve greater depth of understanding. We need to 'level up' our discourse. 

Over the past 19 years, with the generous encouragement of family, friends and mentors, I have developed a completely new format of formal yet enjoyable civil discourse. It is called Regulated Civil Discourse or "RCD". RCD is a new way for people to examine opposing opinions with civility, candor, and respect. It is a set of simple rules and guidelines that two people agree to follow under the respectful supervision of a facilitator to discuss a topic upon which they disagree. RCD is not mediation or debate.  RCD provides a framework for two people to question their own opinions. 


Is there an issue that you feel is very important and/or very dear to your heart?  

Are you curious about why someone would have the opposite opinion of yours?

Do you want to help increase civil discourse and understanding?  Please consider being a part of this effort.

RCD is ready for your voice.  RCD needs your voice.


I will confidentially match your topic of interest and level expertise with another person who holds an opposing point of view. When I have matched two people I will contact them and set up an RCD discussion or "session".  The RCD sessions will take place near Thousand Oaks, CA.  I will facilitate. Sessions will last up to one hour. This project is not affiliated with any group or organization.  It is a private personal venture to further Civil Discourse.  I guess you could think of it as kind of a small meet-up group to explore Civil Discourse.  It is voluntary.  


I understand that this is an unusual request and requires quite a bit of trust in who I am and what is really involved in RCD.  This is a work in progress.  RCD is actually a very simple process.  I will be happy to answer your questions and provide references if you would like.  Here is my Bio.


I have taken this idea as far as I can alone. RCD needs your voice under it's wings to fly.

I can't thank you enough for your consideration.


Best Regards,

         Seth W-T


You can reach me at:

Seth Wegher-Thompson 

or on the Contact page.



My name is Seth Wegher-Thompson. I am an alum of California Lutheran University ('86 - Drama & '95 - MS Counseling Psych). I live in Thousand Oaks, CA. I am a certified Alexander Technique Teacher and a retired Vocational Counselor.

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