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The Withdrawal

It may arise that a participant needs to end the discourse before the time allotted for the session expires, or a participant may feel bound to not adopt or proclaim a point of view, even if convinced that it is accurate.  To accommodate such circumstances, either participant can withdraw at any time during the discourse by saying: “I withdraw”.  No explanation for the withdrawal is required or allowed. As soon as a participant says "I withdraw", the RCD session ends immediately.


Here are some examples: a participant may sincerely suspect that there are additional facts unknown to both participants that need to be researched before an opinion can be stated; a participant may be subject to a moral or legal obligation to not publicly affirm a particular point of view; a participant may not be able to clearly communicate their point of view; or, a participant may need to end the session due to some matter unrelated to the discourse.  The RCD withdrawal is not a retreat or a forfeit; it is merely an immediate cessation of the discourse. 

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