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Advocate or Accuser

With RCD I have tried to codify a kind of approach I refer to as "Fred Rogerian".  As in Fred Rodgers from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.  He is noted for frequently reminding folks that in every moment we can choose to be either an advocate or an accuser.  He said that he tried to be as much of an advocate as possible.  I have been trying this out in my life with very good results.  It is amazing how rarely I really need to be an accuser.  Taking a path of advocacy has much more profound positive results. Especially when something desperately needs to change or is wrong.  In fact, I am finding it harder and harder to find times when I need to be an accuser.  It appears that accusation is best done by people we hire to do it; like attorneys, judges and officers of the law, or in RCD, by the Director.

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