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Pilot Project 'Flight Status'

I am working my way through the recordings of the initial test flight RCD session on 4/30/2018. Oh, this is FUN!

I am so grateful to Leo and George for their participation and willingness to explore! So many good insights and refinements already from just one try. The session was really a workshop; we came in and out of the formal RCD procedure a lot. I plan to edit together and post a presentation video to help describe RCD. I will also be creating some short instructional videos on the procedure and ground rules of RCD. Once those are done, I will set up the next sessions. My goal is to start doing RCD sessions at least monthly. I expect that after ‘work-shopping’ it a couple more times, we will have some complete sessions worthy of posting.

Thanks everybody! Please keep sharing the Invitation: and submitting questions you would like to see people use RCD to discuss.

Best Regards, Seth W-T

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