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Hanging out with Better Angels; we are NOT all at each other's throats!

There IS something we can and should do to depolarize America!

I had the great pleasure of attending a Better Angels Skills Workshop in Santa Barbara, CA last weekend!

I can't say enough great things about this organization/movement. Here is a description from their website:

Skills Training Workshops

Skills Training Workshops can be done with any size group and any mix of red (conservative) and blue (liberal/progressive) participants. Skills workshops do the following:

1 Provide you with the knowledge of what it takes to have constructive, non-polarizing conversations between people who disagree politically

2 Give you the chance to practice the skills to have these conversations

3 Motivate you to have these conversations with people in your social network

I have attended my share of cringe-worthy "group skills training" workshops in my professional career. Please believe me that this is the REAL DEAL. It was awesome to hang out with a dozen people representing a wide spectrum of political perspectives, (Red, Purple and Blue). All civilly, and candidly, talking and working on bettering our political conversation skills.


I can't wait to try out the full on Red/Blue Workshops.

Red/Blue Workshops

Red/Blue Workshops bring together 5-7 Republican or conservative-leaning citizens and 5-7 Democratic or liberal-leaning citizens for a day of structured conversations.  Here’s what you can expect to get out of a workshop:

1 Better understand the experiences and beliefs of those on the other side of the political divide

2 Find areas of commonality in addition to differences

3 Learn something that might be helpful to you and to others in your community and the nation

If you are looking for something concrete and substantial that you can do to help depolarize America and keep civility alive and well in our communities, Please check this out and consider participating and spreading the word. Lots of volunteers have done the heavy lifting to get this in place and it is starting to take-off. Now is the time to get this to a 'tipping point' so everyone knows there IS a civil alternative! We are NOT all at each other's throats.

Best regards, Seth W-T

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